Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is in southeast Germany near Austria. It is perhaps as busy making history as it is preserving it. Visitors can enjoy the majestic palaces and gardens of the past and appreciate the difficult challenges of wartime memories. They can then visit modern sports facilities which show Bavarians' passion for athletics and take a trip through the fascinating history of the city's famous carmaker. It goes without saying that beer is on the agenda, as Munich is home to a world-famous Oktoberfest celebration as well as year-round celebrations at breweries and beer halls.


1. Nymphenburg Palace

Called 'Schloss Nymphenburg' in German, it opened in 1675 for the summer enjoyment of members of the house of Wittelsbach, the rulers of Bavaria at the time. It's in the Baroque style, and the palace gardens have evolved from Italian to French and finally English style, preserving elements along the way. The English version was designed in the early 19th century by Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell, also known for the city's famous English Gardens. Both inside and out provide extensive opportunities to get lost in the elegance which Bavaria's ruling family enjoyed.

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