Aruba is a spot people sitting in the middle of winter storm dream of when they think of a place to escape the cold. The tiny island is located in the Caribbean Ocean near the South American country of Venezuela and is known for its pristine beaches, warm breezes, and crystal blue waters. The island is also home to animals and plant life not found anywhere else in South America. When you visit Aruba, you're going to need some things to do.


1. Go to the Beach

The best beach according to people who have visited Aruba is Eagle Beach. It is near the northwestern tip of the island near the city of San Miguel. The beach features soft white sands, warm blue waters, and plenty of sunshine. Eagle Beach is also home to the most turtle nests on the island. It is typically open between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. except for Easter weekend. During Easter, people are allowed to camp overnight on the beach.

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