Mexico is one of the most exciting and vibrant countries in the world. From its palm-treed beaches to steamy jungles, the landscape is stunning. Bustling cities and tiny villages are home to some of the most friendly people you will ever meet. Mayan ruins and world-class museums show the depth of Mexican history and culture. And Mexican food is simply delicious. Travel guides are full of things you should see and do in Mexico. But how do you avoid making silly errors when in a foreign land?


1. Don't Drink Tap Water

“Montezuma’s Revenge” is not pleasant and definitely not one of the things you want to experience in Mexico. The best way to avoid it is to steer clear of tap water. Stay hydrated in the hot weather by drinking plenty of bottled H2O. It’s available everywhere and is super cheap. Check the bottle is sealed properly and not just filled from a tap. Follow this advice, and there is no reason why Montezuma should take his revenge on you!

Santa Domingo church in Oaxaca, Mexico. jmorse2000 / Getty Images

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