Visiting the Bahamas should be fun and every trip there should create memories to cherish for years. There are tons of things to do in the Bahamas, and both individuals and families can have great experiences. The island features many food and sight-seeing experiences you shouldn't miss.


Stretch Out and Relax on Gold Rock Beach

Relaxing is a great way to spend time on vacation. The Bahamas is home to many many beaches. Gold Rock Beach is highly rated and recommended as a "serene" beach. Wading in the water can be a relaxing experience, and visitors can also set up a chair in the sand to sit down to read. There are even picnic tables available for those looking to have lunch.


Dine in Style at Pier One Restaurant

The highly rated Pier One restaurant offers Caribbean food all visitors to the Bahamas will enjoy. Reasonably priced salads and appetizers mix with some special meals that are a little pricier. Those looking for a special seafood meal they will remember forever can try out the broiled lobster, and finish up with a delicious dessert like apple or key lime pie.


Sip Custom Coffee at Louis and Steen's

Traveling can be exhausting, and even a trip meant to be enjoyable can tire out a vacationer. Louis & Steen's provides custom brewed drinks for when you need a break from your travels. Visitors to this coffee shop can enjoy their drinks outside, where they can soak up the sun and take in amazing views. Louis & Steen's was founded by a husband and wife pair and serves recipes that have been in their families for generations.


Hike Up to the Beacon on Stocking Island

Hiking is a great way to experience more of the area. Those looking to check out all that the Bahamas have to offer should consider going on a hike on one of the islands. Those hiking on Stocking Island should take one of the trails that will lead them to an old navy beacon. This interesting landmark, created as a point of reference for ships back in the 1800s, is fun to check out.

Take in Breathtaking Views at Pink Sands Resort

The beaches at Pink Sands Resort truly appear pink in color. Those who visit the resort will enjoy the moments that they spend in their quaint beach-side cottage, and they will not forget the breathtaking views. This resort is an excellent event venue and it offers a range of experiences and activities to its guests.

Pick up Local Produce at Chiccharney Farms Pop-Up Market

There's no better way to experience a new area than to eat local foods. Those who visit the Chiccharney Farms Pop-Up Market have the chance to buy goods grown right in the Bahamas from local farmers and enjoy it while it's fresh. You'll find strawberries and other seasonal fruits and produce, sauces, baked goods, and much more.

Get a Luxurious Sleep at the British Colonial Hilton Nassau

The quality of sleep that one experiences while on vacation affects the whole trip. One of the Bahamas' luxurious options is the British Colonial Hilton Nassau. This hotel offers more than just a comfortable bed where a visitor can sleep; it also provides guests with three restaurants to visit. This hotel offers a private beach just for its visitors, as well as snorkeling opportunities.

Explore Nature at Clifton Heritage Park

Setting off on an exploration is a great way to make use of a day in the Bahamas. Clifton Heritage Park is a popular tourist location, home to turtles and multiple beaches including Johnston Beach, a quiet locale that perfect for those who want to relax. This park offers historic sites, as well, and bird-watching for wildlife enthusiasts.

Get Educated at the Heritage Museum of the Bahamas

Learning the history of a vacation spot can make a trip more fulfilling. There are multiple museums on the islands, where guests can learn all about the Bahamas. The Heritage Museum of the Bahamas is an interesting one to check out. This museum allows people to really delve into the past and see what the Bahamas have come through as time has passed. You can even see a slice of an ancient meteorite.

Visit the Bahamian Brewery for a Taste of Bahamian Beer

Beer drinkers will find the Bahamian Brewery an interesting stop on their vacation. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable of the story behind each of their brews. Take a brewery tour and sample many of the delightful beverages. This spot is definitely worth a stop if you're looking for things to do in the Bahamas.


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