As a certain singing cartoon princess knows, the seaside has a powerful effect on us. Whether you prefer staring out to where the sky meets the sea or reading a book on warm sands, or claiming major bragging rights with your friends by taking a selfie on a technicolor beach, there are some seriously unusual beaches out there for you to discover. Some beaches are odd because of where they are. Others are interesting because of their color, or the tourist activities you can try on them. All beaches are special with a sense of charm; some beaches are a little more special than others.


1. Technicolor Glass Beach

Near Fort Bragg in California is the multicolored Glass Beach. Instead of regular sand, this beach is made of sea glass in many colors and hues. The sea glass is the remains of discarded glass that's been worn smooth over the years and washed onshore. You can get onto this beach by walking along a coastal path, and clambering down a short steep section onto the beach. Check out some of the vivid colors and strange sea glass pieces yourself. As the sea washes up new finds on each tide, the beach is always changing.

A beach made of glass in Fort Bragg, California alcfeoh21 / Getty Images

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