Islands are a world in miniature. While all the islands on this list offer something different, they are considered the best ones to visit in their region of the world. Simply put, these 10 islands are the best on Earth. There are remote and unspoilt havens, and there are hot destination islands on everybody's bucket list. Some have luxurious accommodations and others will force you to rough it. Whether you like to immerse yourself in local culture or party the night away with an imported beer or two, there will be a perfect island for you.


1. Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is located between Australia and New Zealand. Only settled by people in 1834, the island has escaped modern development with most of the island remaining untouched primary forest. To preserve the beauty of this tropical paradise, just 400 tourists are allowed access at any one time. Being so remote and undeveloped, Lord Howe is popular with adventure tourists. There are minimal facilities so this isn’t a good destination for fans of shopping. Common activities include taking a guided climb up Mount Gower, and swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving the pristine waters. About 70 percent of the island is now protected as a national park, so visitors need to be especially respectful here and take garbage away with them.

James D. Morgan / Getty Images

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