The world is full of beautiful and exciting places to live. In fact, there are so many wonderful places that it can be challenging to narrow down exactly where the best cities are. When determining where to live, there are a variety of factors to consider. Political stability, crime rates, work opportunities, health services, education, public services, recreational opportunities, housing, and a thousand other possible considerations determine whether it is a suitable place to live. Thankfully, many companies research this information and make it publicly available so we can determine the best cities to live in.


1. Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital and most populous city in Denmark is Copenhagen. With a population of almost 780,000 people, it forms the core of Copenhagen metropolitan and urban areas. Many magazines and websites consider Copenhagen to be one of the happiest cities on Earth. There are a variety of ethnic, experimental, and traditional Danish restaurants in Copenhagen. Denmark as a whole is home to 31 Michelin Star restaurants, and 19 of those stars belong to restaurants in Copenhagen. There are over 94,000 students attending school in the city, and many excellent universities. For housing, apartments are plentiful, but there are full houses available in some areas.

Copenhagen, Denmark live

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