The Caribbean Islands as a group may be famous for their sunshine and beautiful beaches, but each of the islands has its own flavor—its own special claims to fame. Because most people can’t get to them all, it makes sense to visit the islands that are most in line with the things you love to do. You might like to hike island rainforests, relax on white sandy beaches, or dine in posh hotel restaurants with stunning views of the sea. And if you can't choose, don't worry, we've saved the best for last!


1. Family Vacation: Turks and Caicos

With its beautiful beaches that tend to remain relatively calm and a plethora of nature-based activities, Turks and Caicos beckons families in search of a beach-centric holiday. The island boasts many renowned resorts that cater to families, with kid-friendly amenities like swimming pools and babysitting services. Families with older kids will enjoy exploring the mangroves or horseback riding on the beach.

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