Mexico has long been a destination for those who long to soak up the sun with a cocktail in hand. In recent years, however, history lovers and people who long for vibrant culture and extraordinary opportunities for adventure have been flocking to Mexico in droves. Whether you’re wanting to envelope yourself in the joyous parades and carnivals or drink tequila on a silver-white beach until sunrise, there are so many things to do in Mexico. As a visitor to this glorious, Central American land you can do everything from experiencing the traditional culture to opportunities of a lifetime.


1. Have a Fiesta for Día de los Muertos

In the Western world, most of us tend to shy away from the topic of death. Mexico, on the other hand, has an entire holiday made to honor death by celebrating life. Día de los Muertos - or the "Day of the Dead" - occurs between October 31 and November 2. In Mexican culture, the Day of the Dead is there for people to honor and remember their deceased loved ones. You might've seen sugar skulls permeating American Halloweens over the last few years, but this has nothing to do with Día de los Muertos. On the contrary, the festival is a huge part of the Mexican heritage and dates back thousands of years. If you're interested, head to Mexico City or Oaxaca as, thanks to James Bond, there's now even a parade!

day of the dead

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