It may be a place you can only afford to visit once in a lifetime, but Bora Bora provides a French Polynesian experience that visitors say is near perfect. The water and air are clear and fresh, the island is beautiful, and the accommodations and services are exquisite. Summer, from November through April in their Southern Hemisphere location, is rainy and humid but less busy. May through October is dry with temperatures in the 80s Fahrenheit and quite busy. Places to stay include hotel rooms, luxurious bungalows over the water and rooms on boats such as catamarans.


1. Luxury Hotels

From exclusive villas to four-star hotels like the Intercontinental and Four Seasons, high-end luxury is popular here. There are many hotels to choose from, though and every location has charm and style. If your hotel is near Matira beach, you'll have the most popular public beach available whenever you want to relax. Keeping in mind that nearly everything in Bora Bora is pricey such as $30 cocktails and $120 meals for two, standards are high, and it is worth indulging while you're here. You'll find spa treatments, yoga classes, delicious meals and a concierge who will make sure your experience is just how you want it to be.

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