3. Mistreat Animals For A Cool Photo

Riding on an elephant or petting a tiger might make a cool photo, but the truth of the abuse animals experience at some attractions is now out in the open.

  • Elephants are large and intelligent animals. They can cause havoc if they become frightened or angry, so the mahouts who control them need to be experts. Unfortunately, some trainers don't care for the elephants seeing them as money makers.
  • Tigers are apex predators that can kill people. Petting zoos with tigers are still around in Thailand, where many tigers are crowded in small pens. The only reason these carnivores don't attack is that they are drugged.

Remember that both these animals are potentially dangerous and endangered. The worst-case scenario is you could be seriously hurt. Even if you aren't harmed, the treatment of these animals is cruel and detrimental to the species survival. Hardly worth it for a cool photo.

animal abuse elephant tiger Thailand Yuri_Arcurs / Getty Images

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