2. Take Durian Fruit To Public Places

Durian fruit is a prized delicacy in Thailand. It's a large fruit about melon-sized and covered in green spikes. That won't be the first thing you notice about it, however. The smell is dreadful and similar to a sewer. But the taste is entirely different. It's one of those flavors that's hard to describe - you have to taste it for yourself. But this fruit is anti-social. Restaurant and supermarkets rarely stock durian; it's that smelly. If you are lucky, you may see a street vendor selling durian, and they will sell out quickly as Thai locals snap up the fruit. But remember not to eat it in public as the smell will put people off their food. Even taxis ban durian fruit, so if you have to transport it keep it tightly covered to stop odors escaping or you may be asked to leave.

Durian fruit smell Thailand luknaja / Getty Images

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