Thailand is a stunning tropical destination that's popular with holidaymakers across the world. While Thai people are friendly, there are a few tourist habits which Thai natives find annoying. When visiting another country as a tourist, you are entering a vast house of a distant relative with unfamiliar rules of etiquette. There are many words, hand signs, gestures, and habits people do every day which are very rude in Thailand.


1. Avoid Street Food

The street food in Thailand is some of the best cuisines in the world. Food safety fanatics might balk at the sight of meat marinading outside without a refrigerator, but the fact is Thailand street food is both delicious and safe to eat. Think about it, would a street vendor last if their food made people ill - of course not. Remember most of the street food is aimed at busy Thai locals, not tourists, so their reputation is essential for their business. If you want to be 100% sure the food is cooked correctly, you can watch it being prepared right in front of you - just like at a fancy restaurant.

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