Cuba is a fascinating and beautiful vacation destination. The juxtaposition of old automobiles from Detroit's glory years set against the beautiful Carribean Sea is something to behold. Cuba is also a contradiction. It's music, and people are wonderful, and there is no shortage of beauty to be found on this proud anchor of the Carribean as its largest island. Political isolation and decades of communism can't rid this island of natural beauty. Destinations and attractions are abundant in Cuba.   Considering the taste this island shows through its rum production and cigar making it's somewhat surprising that a visit may leave you wondering why you didn't have one great (or even good) meal. With a little planning, you might stumble into somewhere that keeps calling you back for the remainder of your years.


1. Fabrica de Arte Cubano

Fabrica de Arte Cubano tops the list because it's only open from Thursday to Sunday and is an absolute must on any trip to Havana. While there is more to Cuba than Havana, the capital is the heartbeat, and nearly all Cuban vacations begin and end there. The Fabrica, located in Vedado, is a repurposed cooking oil factory that has been transformed into Havana's nexus of nightlife. Big, inexpensive mojitos guarantee that your toes will tap you through the exhibitions, bars, music performances well into the early morning. Try to arrive early to enjoy the artwork; it's shoulder-to-shoulder by 11 PM each of the four nights it's open.


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