Tokyo is the world’s largest city. According to the United Nations’ data, more than 37 million people are living in the metropolitan area, with 13 million residing in the greater Tokyo area. Located on Japan’s largest island, Honshu, the city extends westward into the Kanto Plain.  In the center of the city lies the Imperial Palace. Within the 23 wards, or Ku, located in the Tokyo Metropolis, there are 3,112 neighborhoods, each with their unique connections to the culture.


1. Koenji

Koenji is a neighborhood located within the Suginami ward. It is popular not only for its underground music scene but also for its retro vibe. Recognized as the home of Tokyo’s punk scene in the 1970s, Koenji now has vintage record shops and specialty stores selling unique, one-of-a-kind music collectibles and retro clothing. With a variety of music bars, quaint cafes, chic restaurants, and delicious, inexpensive eateries to choose from, there are always new places to explore. The famous Awa Odori Festival takes place every year in August, celebrating the traditional Tokushima dance of the same name.

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