Famous for its casinos and world-class shopping centers, Macau is known as being the Las Vegas of Asia. However, the autonomous region of Macau has much more to offer than just gambling, luxury shopping, and glitz. Macau was ruled over by the Portuguese for 300 years, and this history has given the region a unique identity. A dominant Chinese influence mingles effortlessly with Portuguese style and cuisine. From the beautiful Chinese A-Ma Temple to the ruins of St. Paul’s and the bustling Senado Square, the region’s east meets west fusion permeates every corner of this must-see destination.


1. Sample Macau’s street food

When you start to get hungry, skip the sit-down restaurants and try Macau’s world-renowned street food. Like with all things Macanese, the region’s cuisine is a delightful fusion of Chinese and Portuguese dishes. Enjoy some piping hot dim sum or opt for the infamous Macanese minchi, a recipe that features stir-fried beef or pork, potatoes, and seasonings. For dessert, the durian ice cream and Portuguese egg tarts, known locally as pastéis de nata, are a must-try.

Portuguese egg tart Wonderfoolgoblin / Getty Images

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