Thailand's capital city is a top destination in Asia with dozens of places to see and experience that will keep travelers of all ages entertained. As the biggest city in Thailand, Bangkok is a unique component of the Asian country with sites you won't see anywhere else in the world. The busy city hosts a former royal palace, magnificent temples, floating markets, several massive malls, including some with high-end, designer shops, and nightlife spots that are the talk of Southeast Asia.


1. Experience the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is a busy, tourist attraction. But, the 2.35 million square foot destination is well worth the crowd. Inside you can see the palace which includes the Outer Court, the Central Court, and the Inner Court. One of the major destinations inside the compound is Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Although the palace isn't the home of Thai Royalty anymore, only a few sections of the Central Court are open to the public. The Temple of the Buddha is considered the most sacred Buddhist Temples in the entire country. Visitors should know that the Palace's temples have strict dress codes to follow and guests not adhering to the requirements will not be allowed to enter.

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