One of the stars of the East, Japan is awash with culture, ancient traditions, and landscape that will take your breath away. These days, Japan is an incredibly affordable adventure just waiting for you to take it. There's nowhere better for a travel destination than somewhere with friendly people, great food, and ample Instagram opportunities. Not only that, Japan is one place to visit where selfie sticks are a treasure. There are so many life-changing things to do in Japan, almost too many to count. Here are some of our favorites.


1. Have a Tokyo Adventure

If you're planning on visiting Japan, seeing Tokyo is a given. Seeing the sprawling metropolis is one of the top things you need to do. With everything from dancing robots to cat cafés and equally important Michelin-star sushi, Tokyo literally caters to every whim. In addition to this, the city itself seems to be straight out of one of the scenes in Star Wars. Are we sure it's on earth? Well, visit and see.


yongyuan / Getty Images


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