Luckily, you don't have to be a millionaire to travel to some of the world's most extraordinary places. Sure--resorts and 3-star restaurants are great, but you can still have a memorable time by taking a backpacking vacation or finding a cheerful bed and breakfast to hang your hat. If you want to get away but don't want to drain your savings account to do it, be sure to keep these cheap destinations in mind. They won't disappoint you!.


Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Peninsula, Mexico

There are many places to visit in the Baja Peninsula that are associated with incredible travel deals. For instance, if you're a wine lover, head to Vallee de Guadalupe. It's famous for its amazing vineyards, but it won't cost you anywhere near the amount you'd be likely to spend in Napa Valley. There are several world-class wineries in the area and plenty of taste testings and vineyards to enjoy.


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Ocho Rios, Jamaica

If you want to enjoy a great Caribbean vacation, look for travel deals to Ocho Rios, a small city on the northern coast of Jamaica. Ocho Rios is a great location for travelers because it's situated near popular attractions like Dunn's River Falls. However, it doesn't feature the high rates that a resort town like Negril does.

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Nashville, Tennessee

There are lots of places in the U.S. where a dollar doesn't go very far, but you can have a blast in Nashville, TN, without needing to spend a fortune. Nashville is home to an amazing array of music venues where you can check out live music while enjoying barbecue or classic Southern cuisine.

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Rhodes, Greece

The island of Rhodes is a popular tourist spot, so you might expect it to be associated with premium rates. Surprisingly, Rhodes is considerably less expensive to vacation at than many other popular European vacation spots. This island is loaded with historical attractions. Its dazzling coastline and sunshine attract visitors from all over the globe.

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is one of the most budget-friendly places to visit in the Caribbean. This resort town is lively and culturally rich. You'll find incredible beaches, turquoise beaches, and plenty of cheap food and drinks. As a cheap vacation destination, Punta Cana gets pretty busy during peak seasons, but if you don't mind crowds, this town is definitely a place for a memorable vacation.

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Warsaw, Poland

If you're looking to enjoy a culturally rich European vacation, head to Warsaw, Poland. As the capital of the country, Warsaw features many museums and art galleries. It features an incredible Old Town and lots of historic architecture. Poland is one of the most inexpensive European nations to visit. You should be able to find ultra-comfortable accommodations for a great place as well as lots of outstanding budget-friendly restaurants.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sure--you can spend a lot of money in Rio on upscale hotels and posh spas, but if you simply want to do some beachcombing or do some swimming, then you can certainly enjoy an inexpensive vacation in Rio. This bustling city boasts accommodations for every budget. You'll find delicious, cheap eats as well as inexpensive transportation too.

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Mumbai, India

Looking for an exotic place to travel? Consider planning a trip to Mumbai. While you'll find plenty of fancy accommodations and upscale restaurants, you can also find cheap places to hang your hat. From hostels to ultra-cheap apartment rentals, Mumbai has plenty of accommodations to choose from. Plus, this busy city is home to amazing marketplaces, cultural attractions, and a plethora of places to eat on the cheap.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Formerly known as Constantinople, Istanbul is a historic city that boasts a wide array of historical attractions such as the famous Blue Mosque. Istanbul is home to world-class museums and art galleries. If you enjoy shopping, you'll love scouting for bargains at its Great Bazaar, one of its most celebrated attractions. Istanbul is home to many hotels that suit nearly any budget. You'll also find some fabulous restaurants, nightlife, and parks to enjoy.

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Cairo, Egypt

Once you pay for your airfare, a visit to Cairo won't set you back too far; it's certainly cheaper than many of the world's other famous capital cities. Cairo is home to the Great Pyramids and, of course, is situated on the mighty Nile River. This exciting city is celebrated for its enchanting cafes, world-class museums, and exotic landscapes.

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