The Grand Canyon has been a popular sightseeing destination for the last 100 years. For a long time, the best views available were from the overlooks near the Canyon’s edge or one of the many viewpoints located around this 1900-square-mile natural wonder. In 2007, this changed with the opening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk at Eagle Point, an elevated platform that extends over the rim of the Canyon. It allows you to capture an unparalleled view that you can’t get anywhere else.


1. What Is It?

Five hours from the Grand Canyon National Park sits the National American Reservation belonging to the Hualapai tribe. The Hualapai tribe worked with businessman David Jin and architect Mark Ross Johnson to construct the 10-foot-wide horseshoe-shaped Skywalk. Their goal was to enable visitors to be able to observe the majesty of the Canyon in a way that only birds could previously. The Skywalk bridge extends 70 feet over the mouth of the Canyon and has a glass deck that allows visitors to look directly down into the Canyon itself.

bridge diegograndi / Getty Images

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