Sightseeing around the falls is only one of the things to do in Niagara Falls. Both the American and Canadian sides have destinations for shopping, strolling, entertainment, and dining. From season to season the attractions change and although the falls keep running year-round, each time of year brings a different view. From helicopter tours to up close and personal walks down into the gorge and boat rides around it, there are many ways to enjoy this spectacular area.


1. Overlook

The first of many things to do in Niagara Falls is stand somewhere with a good view and take it all in. From the dazzling rainbows in the bright summer sun to the colorful fall trees surrounding the river and falls, it's new every time you visit. Why the binoculars? In particular, they help to see what others are doing to enjoy the falls including a descending walkway and a boat tour. They can also help to see the powerful currents above and the swirls and eddies below.

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