Europe is often considered prohibitive for many travelers owing to costs, but this needn't be the case. The United States dollar has been picking up on its European counterpart steadily over the last few years, and no continent can boast as many discount airlines. Between ValueJet, Ryan Air, and others, Europe has become considerably more approachable for people visiting the continent from Canada and the United States. There do remain cities in Europe that are far from cheap to visit once you get there, but if you can seriously cut down on flight costs, you're already ahead of the game.


Dublin and Shannon, Ireland

Nearly every year, Dublin and Shannon airports provide the best value for arriving in Europe, especially from the East Coast. Additionally, Ryanair uses each which is the the hub of the remarkably cheap airline. While it's not always the cheapest airline to get around Europe, when you're fine with a simple carry-on bag and book your flight far enough in advance, your likely to find it's flights well worth your time.


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Trieste, Italy

Trieste provides a fantastic airport for exploring Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Northern Italy. While Italy is the most expensive of these cities, tickets into Trieste are quite cheap and a short bus or train trip to the above surrounding countries. The Euro really shouldn't scare you in 2018 with the dollars purchasing power against the Euro.


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Granada, Spain

If you're thinking about the south of Spain, a number of discount airlines including EasyJet fly into Granada. The city of Granada is a fantastic transportation hub and is known for its free tapas. Order a drink, and you get a plate of food. This can cost as little as two euros for a glass of wine, and every drink comes with a free little plate done well.


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Lisbon, Portugal

If you happen to live in the southeast of the United States, TAP is providing ridiculously cheap flights into both Lisbon and Porto most of the year. Portugal remains one of the cheapest countries in Europe and TAP (Air Portugal) allows up to a 72-hour layover for almost no added cost. This allows you to make the trip through the countryside for three days before returning to Miami.


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Paris, France

Somewhat surprisingly, airfares to the United States to Paris remain a bargain option. From Paris, Europe truly is your oyster with much of the French countryside remaining relatively inexpensive while also providing the opportunity to fly budget airlines to much of Europe. A quick trip to Normandy will afford you the opportunity to fly to much of Europe on Ryanair.


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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a surprisingly cheap way to find yourself in the heart of Europe with amazing transportation to other countries. The Netherlands is centrally located and provides an excellent opportunity to get the most out of Europe by flying to this canal-filled location where you will certainly feel short but take advantage of the numerous border countries while providing entree to the north of the European continent.


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London, England

London is a bit of a double-edged sword in this category. It's one of the cheapest cities to arrive on a flight to from the United States, but the pound sterling will quickly eat into any budget that you will try to stick to as you travel around Europe. If you can get a flight from the United States or Canada to Gatwick Airport, you'll find that a number of discount airlines service it.


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Reykjavik, Iceland

WOW airlines have been a revelation for those looking for a discount flight to Europe with many flights from places like Cincinnati, Ohio costing just a touch over $100 each way. Now, this won't allow you to carry much more than your cabin luggage for this price it's certainly a great way to get across an ocean and then on to a non-island location.


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Vienna, Austria

If you're considering a trip to Eastern Europe, keep your eyes peeled for a flight to Vienna. This centrally located city can give you Vienna's famed opera house and also provide simple transport to Budapest, Prague and a number of other cities that the Danube provides access to during your next European vacation.


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Zurich, Switzerland

Sticking around Switzerland is a good way to see your traveling funds go fast. That said, flights into Zurich are often some of the cheapest flights into all of Europe and provide you an excellent opportunity to move on to cheaper pastures. It's a truly lovely country, and it couldn't be more centrally located to explore the rest of Europe.


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