Once known as Londinium to the ancient Romans who founded it, the city of London is a leading global city and capital of the United Kingdom. Owing to its rich history and plethora of cultural attractions, London lures visitors from all around the globe. Today, London is home to a diverse population of people and is viewed as a world cultural capital. This Thames-side metropolis has much to share in the way of world-class museums, restaurants, and shops. If you are planning to visit, be sure add the following to your London travel itinerary.


1. Wave to the Guards at Buckingham Palace

No trip to London is complete without a visit to Buckingham Palace. Even if you just visit to come eye to eye with one of its famed guards, the palace continues to be one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. The palace itself dates to 1703 and contains a wealth of spectacular treasures. Be sure to check the palace schedule so you can book a tour of its staterooms when you’re in town. Some highlights of the tour include the breathtaking Ballroom and chandelier-strewn Throne Room.

Buckingham london

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