The history of Rome, the shops of Milan, the music of Venice, the magic of Florence: Italy indeed has it all. Home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as half the world's artistic and cultural treasures, any trip to Italy, is bound to create some unforgettable memories. Everyone knows the beaten paths, though. For a truly unique Italian experience, consider adding one or more of the following activities to your next trip.


1. Tour the Ruins of Pompeii

Discover the tragic history of Pompeii, a city both devastated and preserved by a volcanic explosion in 79 AD. This UNESCO World Heritage Site allows you to walk freely through excavated streets, houses, temples, and baths--all that remains of a once-great city. Catch a bus to nearby Mount Vesuvius, the now-dormant volcano, and hike to the crater for a stunning panoramic view of Pompeii and the surrounding countryside.


DHuss / Getty Images



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