You may find yourself stuck at home, having to cancel the big vacation you've been planning for ages. Don't let social isolation kill your holiday dream; there are ways you can bring your vacation to you with an at-home mini-vacay. Vacationing at home will also save you money and bring you and your loved ones closer together.


1. Camp out in the back yard

A camping trip is a popular choice for a vacation, perfect for spending time together as a family. If you have to stay at home, your back yard can make a great makeshift camping ground. Pitch a tent and huddle together in sleeping bags, reading stories by torchlight. The best part is that your house is only a few steps away, so the bathroom trips are a lot more pleasant than they might usually be on a camping trip!

Light up the fire pit and use it to toast marshmallows to recreate the coziness of a real outdoor adventure. Gazing up at the stars is just as magical from your own home, wherever you are. You can always keep your home comforts by moving back into the house for a good night's sleep in your own bed.

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