With age comes wisdom and experience, and the confidence to feel comfortable in our own skin. The most recent hair fads for older women feature natural silhouettes and textures, a far cry from typical styling trends. Today's women embrace their inherent beauty with grace at any age. Their evolving hairstyles are a reflection of that rise in self-esteem. Whether you're a busy mom, a vlogger, or a networking entrepreneur, you can find a hairdo that keeps up with your lifestyle and the latest trends.


1. Long hair can bring your face down

A great hairstyle complements your best features and maximizes confidence. Long hair with long or no layers draws the eyes downward, giving skin a droopier appearance and exaggerating the occasional puffiness underneath the eyes. Long cuts can also look heavy and hide your face. Shorter cuts introduce more volume into your style, while face-framing layers can maintain your hair's length and refresh your look. Your cheekbones are the perfect place to start layering hair. Ask your stylist for long, side-swept bangs, or a short fringe around the face.

Claudia Burlotti / Getty Images


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