Getting bangs feels like a huge commitment. There's always the looming possibility that once the fringe is snipped, you'll realize you were right: bangs really do look good on everyone except you. But pulling off ever-trendy bangs is much easier than you think; it's just a matter of selecting the right style for your face shape and personality. Whether you want to dramatically change your look or just add a bit of flair, there’s a style of bangs out there to suit everyone.


1. Piecey bangs

For a trendy-yet-effortless hairstyle, try this low-key option. The thinned-out, piecey style prevents your bangs from looking too blunt or heavy, making it perfect for those who want a more modern look. Piecey bangs can be worn long or short, making them a great choice for just about every face and hair type. Style with dry shampoo or sea salt spray for an intentionally tousled look.

Effortless piecey bangs Thomas Barwick / Getty Images


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