If you’re left-handed, or you know someone who is, you may be interested to know that August 13th marks Left Handers Day, an unofficial international holiday since 1976. The day is a fun way to celebrate the gift of being left-handed. While left-dominant people make up just a small percentage of the world's population, there is both an interesting history and science behind left-handed people worth learning more about.


1. How many people are left-handed?

Globally, around 10 percent of the population are lefties, with slightly more men than women having a dominant left side. Recent studies have suggested the proportion of left-handed people is increasing. This may be due to growing social acceptability: historically, left-handed people have been forced to learn to write with their right hand due to cultural and societal pressures. However, with fewer people being forced to write with their right hand, the number of left-handed people appears to be growing.

Group of students in the classroom during a lecture. Focus is on smiling female student writing on the paper. skynesher / Getty Images


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