Savvy shoppers know that there are a few tricks of the trade to get the best deals. Shopping for meat or produce on a Sunday, for instance, when prime cuts are marked down at the grocer is one. Knowing when to buy electronics or which month is best to purchase a car is something that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. But what about dirty tricks that your trusted retailer or favorite restaurant does behind closed doors? We've pulled back the curtain to show you, the consumer, just how sneaky some establishments can get!


1. Your Phone is Built to Die

There's a concept called "planned obsolescence," meaning that certain things like cars or electronics are built to expire. Chances are, the smartphone you're reading this on now has a shelf life of just a few years. If you've noticed that your phone's operating system is slow, or that it freezes up and breaks more easily after a few years, you aren't alone. Companies keep fresh products on the market by making them usable for just a scant few years. If your phone works fine, you may not need to purchase a new one at $1000 a pop. If your phone is cracked or runs slowly, you're more inclined to splurge.

dirty tricks

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