Skincare is more than a temporary pop culture fad and is larger than the cosmetic industry. A good skincare routine can boost confidence and contribute to overall wellness. Still, skincare is hard. Whether you struggle with acne or have naturally clear skin, it can be challenging to find the right products and tools that are best for you. When the seasons change, caring for your skin is even tougher. Luckily, some general tips can put you on the right path.


1. The relationship between the weather and your skin

Every season presents new challenges for us as humans and forces us to adapt. We have to change our clothing and lifestyles to accommodate storms, extreme temperatures, and changes in the atmosphere. Your skincare routine, too, needs to change with the seasons. You also have to tailor it to your lifestyle, needs, and the area in which you live. People who live in drier climates have different needs than residents of tropical islands.

Weather Skin Changes New Routine Prostock-Studio / Getty Images


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