A package of frozen tilapia in your freezer or a freshly wrapped parcel from your seafood market makes a quick, easy, and delicious dinner, which is also fish-healthy. Most tilapia recipes lean on the fact that this is a basic, easy-to-cook fish with a fairly neutral taste. Oven-baked with simple seasonings or a tasty sauce, grilled with spices, or deep-fried it's a great main course, but that is also a perfect ingredient for soups and stews.


1. Cooking Tilapia

A tilapia filet, seasoned and baked, is an easy and quick meal for a family or a single meal. This formula plus creative spices, sauces, veggies, and even fruit make it a dish you could eat every day. Take the cooked fish and use it in stews and soups for a light, tasty protein which balances against more delicate flavors for summer dishes yet it holds up to powerful tomato-based spicy compositions which warm you up in the fall and winter.

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