Many people have a good reason for voiding a check. They may wish to void a check that was written incorrectly. Sometimes people accidentally write the wrong amount on the check, so the check needs to be voided. Sometimes a voided check is necessary for setting up direct deposits or possibly even electronic bill payments. Voiding a check is not difficult. Of course, it’s important to void your check carefully to prevent anyone from fraudulently using your check. To learn how to properly void a check, be sure to keep the following tips in mind.


1. Voiding a Check in Your Possession

If you are voiding a check that is still physically in your possession, you’ll need a pen. You should avoid using a pencil as pencil lead can be erased. Pen ink is permanent. The key is to use a writing implement that employs ink that cannot be erased. Someone who intends fraudulent behavior can easily erase your “void” mark and write themselves a check.



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