Less is more: you've most likely heard this phrase before, but it barely scratches the surface of minimalist philosophy. Minimalism is more than getting rid of clutter and owning less stuff; it's also a way of life that values purpose and function more than the details. It means eliminating everything that isn't necessary until only the basics remain. Not only does minimalism save time, money, and resources, but it also provides the freedom to enjoy the little things in life. Whether you're creating a more relaxing space at home, or a more productive work environment, embrace the notion that less is more.


1. What is minimalism?

Minimalism is simplicity. More than a genre of style, it is a movement and a response to excessive consumerism and living. Rather than trying to tell a story, minimalism focuses on a specific moment, feeling, or experience, and preserves it by stripping away distractions and non-essentials. The result is an elegant blend of function and form. In other words, it is about finding beauty and purpose in simplicity.

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