Desserts are the exclamation point at the end of a delicious meal. The best ones surprise us, even though we think we know what flavors to expect. While lemon works in both savory and sweet dishes, something exciting happens to our taste buds when added to a dessert dish. Merging sweetness with the tartness of lemons is refreshing and perfect for any season. Whether you prefer custard-like desserts, cakes, or pies, you’ll find the perfect dessert combination when you focus on this versatile fruit.


1. Start your day with tangy lemon muffins

Who says you can’t begin your day with dessert? Simple, yet packed with flavor, lemon muffins are easy to make. They’re the perfect start for a leisurely weekend morning or a light dessert after a meal. The ingredients are simple and ones that most people already have on hand. The secret to light, fluffy muffins is to not overmix the batter. Gently fold wet ingredients into the dry ones. After you’ve pulled the baked muffins out of the oven, blend powdered sugar and lemon juice together and drizzle over the tops while they’re still warm.

lemon morning dessert muffins LCBallard / Getty Images


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