Many men only realize they don’t know how to tie a tie the moment they need too. This can lead them to purchase a clip-on tie, but in reality, tying a tie does not have to be a difficult ordeal. There are four common ways to tie a tie based on the shirt and occasion you are headed too. The following will teach you how to make each tie and give you some hints to help you learn which knot is appropriate for each occasion so that you can look sharp and dapper in minutes.


1. Pick Out a Tie

Before you start worrying about how to tie a tie, you need to pick out a tie to wear. If you head to the store, you will find hundreds of choices made out of different fabrics, colors, and cuts. Ideally, the tie should fit your build. Most men will find they wear a medium, but those who fall in the big and tall size category will likely need a large or extra-large. On the other side, those who are a bit shorter than the average man will want to start with size small.


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