A slip knot is a versatile knot that is commonly used in knitting, rock climbing, and to secure items. It is probably one of the most common knots and is something that is bound to help you down the road.

A basic slip knot allows you to ‘slip’ the knot up and down the rope so that you can adjust it to fit around anything perfectly. The benefit of using it is that all you have to do is pull one end to untie it when you are done, but until you do, it is completely secure.


1. Grab a Rope

Grab some rope or string that you can practice tying a slip knot with to start. Reading the instructions will make more sense if you are practicing each step as you go. The beauty of a slip knot is that just about every type of string will work with it. A piece of yawn, some twine, or some thin rope are all great options to practice making your slip knot with.


ksushsh / Getty Images



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