Most people are aware that they can type any phrase they choose into any search engine and receive pages of image results. However, fewer people know that they can take an image and locate the sites it publicly appears on the internet. You can do this with a reverse image search. Not only are reverse image searches simple to use, but they are also incredibly useful. You can find a photo’s origin, similar images, or find sites that rehosted it.


1. Getting Ready to Reverse Search

Before actual using any of the various reverse image search tools, you’ll first need to have a piece of information. Save the photo to an easy-to-find location on your computer, keep it open in one web page while you use another, or you’ll need its URL. If you can’t find the image’s specific URL, it’s easy to get. For people on computers, simply right click the image and select the option “Copy Image Location” or “Copy Image Link.” Mobile users will need to tap and hold on the image for this menu.

right click mouse webphotographeer / Getty Images

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