When the time comes for you to quit your job, it's good to ensure that you do so properly. You don’t need to unnecessarily burn any bridges that you might need later on. Proper planning will help you ensure that you are able to count on the employer for a good reference. Use these tips to help you create a plan that puts your best interests first without alienating your current employer or casting a negative light on your future employer.


1. Line Up a New Job

Unless you are leaving your job due to an emergency, it is a good idea to line up a new one before you quit. This is a fine balancing act because you need to let the new employer know that you are going to have to put in your notice with your current employer. However, this does show your future boss that you are a responsible employee and that you are leaving on good terms. Be clear about when you will be available and be prepared to talk to your current employer right away.

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