Have you ever had that feeling as soon as you've sent a message or an email, that you've said the wrong thing? You're not alone. Email has been an exceptional addition to the administrative arsenal, but not everything good can come from something so instantaneous. Luckily, Microsoft's Outlook has a feature that can prevent this. Furthermore, while most email providers offer recall services to save us from ourselves, Outlook might just pip them all to the post. With recall, there's a way to get the sent email back before anyone sees it.


1. Why Might I Need to Recall an Email?

There are a lot of reasons that you might need to recall an email. Maybe you sent an invoice to your client before it was completed, or perhaps you sent it to the wrong client. You might even have sent a work email to a friend or vice versa. As much as this sounds preventable, it's also something that we've all done at one time or another. Especially in the current climate where most of our emails are written on our phones, likely within minutes of waking. Like most things on the Internet: it happens.

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