Instagram is a great tool for posting pictures and videos to your followers. Instagram is meant to focus on pictures, and that's what it does.

Business owners and individuals alike enjoy uploading pictures to Instagram to share with their adoring audience. But Instagram is made for mobile devices, so you have to use a workaround to post from your desktop.


1. How to Post a Photo Using Chrome from your desktop

Instagram is made for the mobile platform, so it's easy to upload photos you took on your phone. But what about uploading from your desktop? To do this, you have to use web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, or other tools as a middleman.

To use Chrome, go to Instagram to sign into your account. Right-click the page and choose "Inspect" and click the tablet icon. This will allow you to switch to mobile view and you can now upload a photo from your desktop computer.

What this does is that it tricks Instagram into thinking you're on a mobile device. Neat, huh?


Tarık Kızılkaya / Getty Images



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