One of the most refreshing foods to eat on a hot summer day is a juicy, refreshing watermelon. The very best watermelons are ripe, sweet and dripping with delicious juice. However, a substandard watermelon can be tasteless and unpleasant to eat. Because it is such a large fruit, this can result in a lot of waste if it has to be thrown out. Luckily, it's easy to pick the perfect watermelon at the store or market with only a little know-how.


1. Look For a Field Spot

The 'field spot' of a watermelon is the area of the fruit that was resting on the field floor. It should be yellow in color. The more vibrant the yellow, the longer it spent becoming ripe, sweet and juicy. Although watermelons without a field spot may look attractive, they should be avoided. The absence of a field spot indicates that the watermelon is likely to be under-ripe and lacking in flavor.

picking watermelon yellow field spot BakiBG / Getty Images


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