Cakes can be complex and intimidating to bake, particularly when you are new to baking. However, pound cakes are much easier and act as a delicious stepping stone in the process of becoming a baker. Even if you aren’t new to baking, pound cakes are tasty enough that they can become a go-to dessert of choice. Plus, there’s many variations and changes that allow you to create a different pound cake every time and add your own flair.


1. Where Pound Cake Got its Name

Pound cake is a dessert that has survived for hundreds of years. The first American cookbook, American Cookery, contained a recipe for pound cake in 1796. Most pound cakes require a minimum of four ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. Pound cake’s name comes from these ingredients because a traditional recipe calls for a pound of each ingredient. Modern pound cake recipes add in other ingredients, so they don’t typically require a full pound.

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