Nothing screams comfort food louder than a warm bowl of homemade potato soup. It is prepared with just a few ingredients and in very little time. Potato soup is an inexpensive way to feel good from the inside out. The variety of ingredients you can add to alter the flavor makes this the perfect food for all to enjoy!


1. Bring On the Bacon!

What better way to start making the perfect meal than to fry up some tasty bacon! Bacon gives potato soup just the right amount of intensity. Also, it adds texture to its creaminess. You start here, by cooking the bacon, because you will be using the grease left in the pan to saute some of the other ingredients shortly. The amount you use really depends upon your tastes. To get a good baseline, try the recipe with one pound. It’s bacon, after all - the more, the merrier! Once cooked, remove the bacon from the skillet, but leave the grease where it is.

bacon Potato soup apomares / Getty Images


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