Ah, the pie crust. A light, flaky, buttery bite of goodness that supports and adds flavor to whatever filling it nestles inside. Be it savory or sweet, fruit or custard, the filling is only as good as its crust. The difficulty lies in how to make a perfect pie crust, as it requires more than just mixing a few ingredients. With patience and practice, even the most novice of bakers can master the art of the crust.


1. Pie Crust: The Basics

A pie crust is the shell holding in the filling. The essential ingredients for the crust are flour, salt, water, and fat. These ingredients are blended either by hand, in a food processor, or with a mixer. Other ingredients can include eggs, milk, sugar, lard, or anything else that enhances the crust's texture and flavor.

Pie crust ingredients fcafotodigital / Getty Images


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