3. Sushi Making Supplies

What other supplies you get depends on how authentic you want to be, and your personal budget. As many sushi making supplies are only made in Japan, the cost of buying them increases the further away from Japan you live. Here is a list of supplies and alternatives if you can’t find them.

  • Nori seaweed sheets or Lettuce leaves
  • Bamboo Yutaka rolling mat or clingfilm
  • Pickled ginger or Sauerkraut/lightly pickled vegetables
  • Wasabi or Horseradish sauce or a strong mustard
  • Soy sauce but If you can’t find it, don’t worry. Dipping sushi into soy sauce is considered rude in Japan.

For the following recipes, we will assume you have traditional supplies. Exchange for the alternative if needed.

sushi making supplies Japanese food equipment Floortje / Getty Images

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