Sushi was once a rarity in the western world. Now, this great Japanese food is available in supermarkets and specialized restaurants in cities across America, Canada, Europe, and beyond. Looking at the beautiful artistry of a perfectly made nigiri or futomaki, you might think that sushi is challenging to make. However, with a few simple tools and ingredients, you can learn to make sushi at home. The benefit of making your own sushi is that you know exactly what’s in it, this is ideal if for people with specific dietary needs or allergies.


1. Sushi Rice

Sushi does not mean raw fish; it means seasoned rice. It’s possible – and normal to make delicious sushi with no fish at all. Sushi rice is available at Asian shops and many larger supermarkets. If you live in a rural place, try online shops, and get supplies sent to you.

A word of warning: although the techniques for making sushi are straightforward, don’t be tempted to try making sushi with the wrong type of rice. Sushi rice and the seasoning that flavors it cannot be replicated by using other rice types such as basmati.

To make the rice, follow instructions on the packet. The cleanest and easiest way is to use an electric rice cooker.

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