Meatloaf may be the most classic comfort food ever, and there's little wonder as to why. Tangy, juicy and perfect for nearly any occasion, meatloaf is a hearty main course that’s sure to please everyone in the family.

If the fear of ending up with soggy, greasy or dried-out meatloaf has kept you from making one from scratch, try this simple and satisfying meatloaf recipe. In just ten steps you can make a meatloaf that's guaranteed to be tender and mouth-wateringly delicious.


1. Go a Little Lean With Your Beef

Choosing beef with a high-fat content may seem a good choice for the flavor factor, but the excess fat turns into grease during the cooking process and can give your meatloaf an unpleasant taste. Choosing ground beef that is about 70 percent lean helps reduce the level of grease that can saturate your meat yet has enough fat to allow the loaf to hold its shape while cooking.

recipe Meatloaf


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