Mongolian Beef is the signature dish of many Chinese and other Asian restaurants. This easily customized version of the dish is simplified with Chinese ingredients for flavor, an international selection of peppers for optional spiciness and extended with a variety of vegetables for a delicious, fresh and colorful main course. Served with rice noodles or steamed rice, the soft meat, and crunchy vegetables provides an interesting and flavorful meal for your family or a group of visiting friends.


1. Choose the Style of Mongolian Beef You're Making

Select the protein ingredients you'll use, whether basic flank steak, a fancier cut of beef up to filet mignon, chicken, shrimp or a combination of all three. You can set them out with a simple garnish, or serve them with rice or noodles and your choice of vegetables. It's a dish many people never tire of. With cayenne, red peppers or other heat added, it's particularly memorable.

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