Delicious homemade pizza starts with the crust, which is much easier to make than you ever imagined. Go from nothing to delicious homemade pizza in under an hour when you learn to make homemade pizza dough.

This easy recipe is perfect for people who have never worked with yeast, as well as veteran bakers. With just a few simple ingredients and your favorite toppings, you can enjoy a fresh hot pizza straight from the oven.


1. Types of Pizza Crust

This single recipe works for thick, thin, pan, or hand-tossed crust. The edges can even be stuffed with cheese if preferred. If you are just getting started learning to work with dough, try the thick and thin variations first. Tossing pizza dough is a difficult trick to master. Rolling the dough slightly larger than the pan and rolling it over cheese is the easiest way to make a stuffed crust.

Raw dough in the shape of a heart and a touch of hands to it.


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