Learning how to make paper snowflakes lets you explore an endless variety of shapes, just like in nature. For every person who folds the paper and nips away with scissors, a different snowflake pattern will occur. Once you've made a few, there are plenty of ways that you can put paper snowflakes to use, from individual star-like hanging flakes to a window full of floating homemade delight.


1. The Idea Behind Snowflake-Making

By folding paper several times and making edge cuts into it, we can duplicate a snowflake's beautiful symmetry. Try folding successive triangles before cutting, or simple right-angle folds. Many people enjoy making aleatory cuts to discover the results, but there are plenty of paper snowflake patterns and templates available to show you how to create decorations such as six-pointed stars, daisy-style and almost-circular designs.

paper snowflake basics hand cutting karenfoleyphotography / Getty Images

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